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I go by Lilith. You will never need to address me by that name anyway. Our conversations will never revolve around me.
This page exists out of necessity. Who really needs to know who I am? What’s important is what I’m capable of.
 I am a technomancer. My magic revolves around tech, and I use the internet to will the change I need to see in life.
Part of this change involves astrology directly, which is why I’ve invented the study of Lilithianism. Lilithianism allows me 
to see beyond the veil. Outside of developing this religion, which is so fluid in nature it hurts, I make music. 
All of my music is painstakingly created from the ground up in software called Renoise. I am also a budding
web developer and a programmer. My life is boring. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.
I have had many different dramatic moments in my life that haunt me to this day. The core of my 
personality is diving deeply into what is unknown or complex. My astrology readings reflect
this insightfulness, and I do so with painstaking accuracy across the board.
I care about my readings a lot. They are a part of me being extended to you.
Then that part of me is reflected back. Does that make sense?
I give you knowledge, and you give me knowledge back.
You give me knowledge back, and I reflect some more. 
This is what makes up the core of my life.
Much of my life is spent in deep
reflection. These deep reflect-
ive moments allow me to see
beyond that which is
obtuse. You will
not regret